TI-01 VACUPLAST Three Phase Vacuum Hopper Loaders


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These devices are especially designed for conveying plastic granules by suction.
They consist in:

A cyclone chamber:
It is constructed entirely in stainless steel, and is designed to split air/material.
The cyclone is equipped at the lower part, with a single piece outlet valve with a dustproof seal and a magnetic position detector and at the upper part with a hinged cover lid giving easy access to the antistatic polyester filter (which protects the vacuum pump).
Automatic cleaning of filter is done by means of compressed air.
Standard receiver capacity: 5 – 15 – 30 & 50 liters (Availability in 100, 150, 200 liters)
Assembly Control Panel/ Vacuum pump consists in:
A suction unit (vacuum pump with side channel) which ensures enough air throughput to convey the material (throughput calculated in accordance with the density of the material, the requested throughput and the geometry of the material circuit.)
Is available in 0, 85– 1, 3– 2, 2 –5, 5 & 11 kW.
An electronic control panel with digital display operates the following:
* Command on /off of the vacuum pump
* Display of the valve status (open / closed)
* Display of loading error
* Link between loader and connector
Standard voltage is 400 V three phase, the control is 24 V AC.
A ‘pocket’ programming device operates the setting of the control panel, digital display indicating the suction time and percentage of the regrind, release time of line, number of cycles before loading error.
An epoxy coated, RAL 9010 mechanically-welded steel frame supporting the vacuum pump and the control panel.
Retaking unit consists in:
Stainless steel suction probe, length 700 mm, fitted with an adjustable sleeve for proportioning air/material inlet.
3 m of reinforced flexible hose connects receiver to vacuum pump.
4 m of reinforced flexible hose connects receiver to suction probe.
* For other capacities, please contact us.