DV-01 Screw dosing units DV & DVX


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Screw dosing units DV & DVX used for the dosing upon the machine

Storage Hopper
Equipped with a removable cover lid and a level inspection hole.
Dosing Unit
Dosing is operated by means of an Archimedes’ screw, situated inside a polyamide sheath (3 ranges of throughputs according to delivered set of screws/sheaths)
(For the DV2 type only the 10 mm screw is available.)
The screw is driven by a direct current gear motor (75 or 100 W), fixed upon the dosing unit with quick release clasps (easy maintenance and cleaning).
The dosing unit is fitted with two inspection panels in the lower part in order to drain the hopper easily and carry out flow tests (on DV8 and DV20).
Concerning the DV2 dosing units the draining of the hopper and the flow tests are carried out by removing the dosing unit from the crosspiece, via quick release clasps.
Cross piece:
Sheet metal part to fasten the dosing units directly on machine inlet.
Screw dosing unit or units are connected at the side part.
The loading hopper for the main material is connected at the upper part.
Preferential flow of coloring agent by the means of deflectors inside the crosspiece.
Two sizes of crosspieces available can be supplied to be fit to the dimensions of the processing machine. (Except DV2 one size only)

Control Panel:
Standard electric panel (230 V single phase, extrusion or injection mode) displays the dosing time (injection mode) as well as the speed of the motor.
Selection of the operating mode of the unit in extrusion mode (continuous dosing) or injection (dosing in cycles) is set by changing the instruction via the display.
The electric panel is supplied with a connecting unit to the motor.
Driving of the dosing unit by dry contact or 24 V.
Three control versions available:
1. The throughput of the coloring agent is directly linked to the speed of the processing machine’s screw. This function can be achieved with 0/10 V signal required from the processing machine.
2. For processing machines without 0/10 V outlet signal, a version with a coding wheel and an inductive detector can be supplied to be set at the end of the main screw or the driving shaft (cable length: 2m).
3. The improved version enables to key the throughput curves (screw/product couple) and to memorize up to 50 curves, to calculate the speed of the dosing according to the weight of the molding, the Ø of the coloring agent and the dosing time. (Or the extruder throughput in extrusion mode)
It can operate the level in the product hopper and activate an outlet 230 VAC during an adaptable time-lag (e.g. reloading of Venturi)

Hopper capacity: 7 & 20 liters.
Dosing unit made of cast aluminum.
Storage bin fixed with quick release clasps for quick and easy disconnecting from dosing unit.
Motor assembled with hinge for quick and easy disconnecting.