DV-02 DRD Ground Volumetric Dosing Unit

The DRD ground volumetric dosing unit is designed for continuous dosing of several materials. It is to be set up at the bottom of the machine to be equipped.

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TI-01 VACUPLAST Three Phase Vacuum Hopper Loaders

These devices are especially designed for conveying plastic granules by suction.
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DV-01 Screw dosing units DV & DVX

Screw dosing units DV & DVX used for the dosing upon the machine
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TI-03 Flexible spiral feeders

Flexible Spiral Feeders are designed to convey materials in the form of granules, regrind or powder.
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User friendly and simple, ensuring flexibility of operation and providing dosing of 2 to 6 materials (granules only) by weight.
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The flat bottom dosing unit is designed for the dosing of non free-flowing powders or granules, e.g. metallic powders, talc, lime, flour, regrind of plastic films …
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FKW the new team

Founded in 1978 and headquartered in GARDANNE, France, Spiroflux provides expertise in peripheral equipment for the plastics industry. Now it’s up to FKW “Spiroflux” to take over…; our main target is the satisfaction of our customers and the adoption of innovative centralized technologies. Spiroflux was the leader in this field and FKW fully intend to keep this position. The name of FKW Spiroflux is synonymous to quality in the plastics industry. FKW is known for its expertise for the treatment of granule, powder and fluff materials. FKW assist you through each stage of your projects from defining technical requirements to installation and monitoring. The new managers at FKW (former Spiroflux employees) will endeavour to administrate this highly-technical business with a focus on international markets. Choose FKW for your processing machinery.

jean marc kabac fkw spiroflux

Jean Marc Kabac

Marc Walser

Pascal François